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Pomp van spuiten SY-09

  • Peristaltic Pump SY-09

Model Nummers van Peristaltische Pomp SY-09

Kleine compacte grootte, gemakkelijke montage, ruimtebesparing, lange levensduur Een industriële injectiepomp met hoge precisie & hoge prestaties in de overdracht van micro-vloeistof zelf ontwikkeld door Runze Fluid. Maak stap motor in de richting van de klok mee of tegen de klok in door instructies van de host computer te ontvangen. De circulaire beweging wordt omgezet in lineaire beweging door de trapezoïde schroef om de zuiger omhoog en omlaag te bewegen die medische analyseapparatuur, chromatografische analysatoren, voedsel- en drankdetectie- en analysesysteem, water kwaliteit on-line analyzer realiseert, Apparatuur voor detectie van aardolie en biofarmaceutische extractiemiddelen

Peristaltic Pump SY-09

Specificatie van Peristaltische Pomp SY-09

Accuracy≤1%@100% (rated stroke)
Precision (Repeatability)0.3%-0.7%@100% (rated stroke)
Service life3 million times no leakage (media: water; 1 rated stroke = one time)
Rated Stroke (control steps)18mm(3600steps)19.2mm(3840steps)
Maximum speed600rpm300rpm
Linear speed0.017-10mm/s0.017-5mm/s
Running time (per rated stroke)1.8-1080s3.84-1129s
Syringe ID14.55mm23.03mm
ActuatorTrapezoidal screw (Lead 1mm)
Wetted MaterialBorosilicate glass, PCTFE valve head, PTFE piston
Max. PressurePositive: 0-0.8Mpa, Negative:0-0.06Mpa, (retention time based on test)
ChannelSingle channel
Baud rateRS232/RS485:9600bps / 19200bps / 38400bps / 57600bps / 115200bps                                                               CAN:100Kbps/200Kbps/500Kbps/1Mbps
Address & Parameter settingVia Communication
Rated power15W
Power supplyDC24V/3A
Operating temperature5℃~55℃
Operating humidity≤ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimension (L*W*H)51*41.5*155.2mm51*41.5*157.2mm
Net Weight0.56kg0.62kg

Function Inleiding van Peristaltische Pomp SY-09

Address settingAddress settable via serial port
Baud rate settingRS232/RS485/CAN baud rate settable
CAN destination address settingWhen multiple devices controlled in paralleling, any device can be set with priority address
Speed setting3ml:from 1 rpm to 600 rpm
8ml:from 1 rpm to 300 rpm
(There are difference for gas, liquid and models)
Subdivision settingsubdivision 2-32 are settable
Reset interior dataFactory reset
Parameter queryQuery address, speed, subdivision, baud rate, etc.
Version queryQuery current firmware version
Motor directionCW/CCW settable
ResetReturn piston to the origin/home position
Strong stopStrong stop the running motor
Motor status queryDetect current motor status

Driver Port


+DC24V PositiveA+/A-Phase A wiring
-DC24V NegativeB+/B-Phase B wiring
TXRS232 Data InputIO1IO1 Optocoupler signal
RXRS232 Data OutputAEncoder Phase A
GNDRS232 GNDBEncoder Phase B
HCANHNCTemporary is not enabled
LCANL+5VPower positive
BRS485B PE Grounding

Peristaltic Pump SY-09

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